Sunday, August 12, 2007


After reading Barack's "Audacity of Hope" I think I've secretly been crushing on him. So yeah turns out I'm not the only one! Peeps are starting to think that Barack is too much of a hottie to run the country. His looks are just a plus to help state of the union ratings! he's def an attractive, charming type of dude just like Hil's man, Bill but I'm ready for another Clinton-like era where we aren't starting war with everyone and they mama. Can I wake up and not have to worry about what color the terror-alert is???? Barack and Hil should just get together and REALLY take over....2 firsts...Black and Female Pres & VP!! I'm ready!!

Check out his cover's for Vibe, GQ & Men's Vogue. I can't front...the man has style!

You tell me what ya think....

Peace & Love


Maxmillian said...

lil bit to much of a crush if you ask me. :-)

carolicious said...

i agree with max!! you better watch out his wife is also a cutie. she was ranked as one of the best dressed of '07!