Monday, August 13, 2007

50 Cent - Follow My Lead Feat. Robin Thicke

50 cent was FURIOUS when he found out his video with Robin Thicke, "Follow My Lead" had been leaked and done went and told Interscope he was going on "vacation" from all promotion for his album, Curtis, dropping September 11. I swear the ish 50 does reminds me of a spoiled little kid throwin a damn tantrum. News flash DON'T rule the world! So now he's got 4 songs out there from his unreleased album...HAHAAAA!!
Check it out here.

UPDATE: Kanye is STILL beating 50 in iTunes pre-orders!!

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carolicious said...

both kanye and 50 are spoiled brats. they need to get over it and recognize that they are famous millionares and stupid celebrity tantrums get on my last damn nerve!!!