Monday, August 20, 2007


It sucks to say this but it def feels like the summer is pretty much gone. *sigh* But at least we can start rocking some hot Fall gear a bit early. Lion & Rooster's items are primarily for the guys, but they make sure to hook the ladies up too. With tees starting at $30 and hoodies at $80, both your stylish and financial self will be happy at the end of the day. Below are some of my favorites from the Lion & Rooster line but I'm sure you'll pick your faves from their site.
Men's Warrior Hoodie
Original Lion & Rooster Tee

Women's Hairdryer Tee
Women's Sushi Tee

Men's Dia De Los Muertos Hoodie

Lion and Rooster. A collaboration of two very unique individuals, from different backgrounds, meeting by chance (possibly fate) to create an artistic rebirth in the clothing world. The lion and rooster being respective kings of their own environments, we represent the Yin and Yang of the domesticated and the untamed. The ability, regardless of your surroundings, to adapt and excel beyond the average.

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