Friday, August 17, 2007

D.B.Y. - Don't Bullshit Yourself!!

To all my Dons, Divas, L-7’s, and the other guys; Warning!!!Warning!!!
In a matter of weeks this funny (ie. tornado, floods causing MTA to come to a halt, heat waves, etc...) summer is going to come to a close. SO... if you haven’t had that spicy love thing, taken that getaway, hit a concert or even got drunk on a frosty fruity drink… then you have definitely BULLSHITTED yourself!!! Gather all the troops and hit the summer streets like your life depends on it. Go out to Harlem Week’s street festival and make this summer YOUR bitch!!!

All day, every day and what…
Bobbie O’Shea - ALL DA JUICE D.B.Y. Columnist

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