Thursday, August 30, 2007


OHHH SNAAPPPP!!! Looks like things are heating up in the divorce battle between Kimora and soon to be ex-husband Russell Simmons. Turns out Kimora was being promoted to creative director earlier this week to all of Phat Fashions and would have been reporting directly to Russell. She told Phat Fashions that either Russell goes or she goes. And if you haven't already heard, Russell has been asked to leave the company. Money talks and since Baby Phat is bringing in the the major mula these days they had no problem making their choice between Kimora and Russell. Such a damn shame...the man who started Phat Farm 15 years ago given the boot. Russell was the one who GAVE Kimora Baby Phat and now he isn't a part of the brands he created...karma is a bitch and Kimora will get hers!!


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