Friday, October 5, 2007


Feeling like you need a new type of exercise or way to turture yourself to achieve mental and physical well being? Then head to your nearest Bikram Yoga studio. If you don't know, Bikram Yoga is a heated type of yoga where the room temp is bumped up to about 105 degrees and is 90 minutes long with 26 postures...Yeahhh!! You'll be sure to work those kinks out of your back, detox all those martini's and late night munchies and eventually master some crazy asanas! Oh, and everyone always seems to say, "I'm not flexible enough for yoga." I say, "That's bullshit!" You don't need to be flexible and classes are for every level from novice to yoga tourney champs. And the first week special ranges from $20-$25 for 7 wonderful days of unlimited yoga. So try it...I guarantee you'll either love it or hate it!! Namaste!

Local NYC Studios

Bikram Yoga LES - My Personal Fave


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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was looking for somewhere to go and this was right on time!