Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Not many fashion companies have in place styles or mottos that influence social awareness. Here are styles that have you looking good and feeling a WHOLE lot better!

This little leather change purse is the perfect solution when you’re holding up the line at the register.$29.95 online at Wishing Fish. Artist George Skelcher was inspired to create the purse after seeing the New York City's homeless using crushed coffee cups to panhandle for change. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each purse is donated to HELP USA, an organization that has been helping the homeless since 1986.

$38 at TOMS Shoes. TOMS Shoes was created to make life more comfortable. TOMS are inspired by the Alpargata, which is the Argentinian farm shoe and is made of lightweight canvas and leather insoles. While in Argentina Blake Mycoskie noticed a vast number of children without shoes. So he decided to start his own shoe company selling Alpargata's. For each pair of TOMS sold, a pair is gifted to a child in need. Last year 10,000 pairs were put on children in South America. This November, 50,000 will be given to children in South Africa. Check out last years shoe drop here.
Your purchase today will guarantee a child shoes for TOMorrow!

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