Friday, September 14, 2007


I want to shout out the Gin Mill bar at 442 Amsterdam Ave between 81st & 82nd St's. They have good wings and a helluva happy hour. 11-8 half price 7 days a week. While I’m giving out love, let me also big up to all the teachers, who have introduced me to the Mill and how to get super drunk on a Wednesday night. Now who says teachers don’t do shit? To all my party goers this weekend, if you come upon a teacher during one of your adventures buy them a nice stiff drink. Remember they can handle their liqs and any person who can hold down a class of 30 off-the-chain badasses on a daily basis, needs a little appreciation. So show some love and Don’t Bullshit yourself…

Bobbi O’Shea

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Jay said...

Good looking on the shout out.